About Ginger Pizzurro

“We are stepping into a new paradigm, individually and collectively.
A leap of faith is called for.
Your contribution and participation is absolutely vital…

Embrace change
Refine your purpose and autonomy
Recognize your unique contribution
Liberate your self mastery”

–Ginger Pizzurro

Ginger is a guide, visionary, mentor, philosopher, adventurer, seeker, advisor, trailblazer and activator.

As an Intuitive Guide, Ginger serves as a compassionate witness and attunes to one’s present state of being. Focusing on the questions and concerns one may have, she is a conduit for higher guidance, that provides answers for clarity, direction, encouragement and inspiration.

With this new innerstanding, there is power available for one’s transition and transformation.

A profound healing takes place, as one gains sovereignty in their life and insight into self mastery. This allows for greater creativity and a higher expression of one’s life path. As a catalyst for self discovery, sessions are powerful and liberating.