When I am in Ginger’s presence, I feel the light of consciousness and the divine, in the most exquisite, life-giving and powerful ways. To me she is an example of what it is to be wise, courageous and spirit-filled, one who is true to her soul and her path. With her, I feel deeply respected for who I am, and receive such loving, powerful encouragement and affirmation of what I possess that is needed in this world. Through her guidance, I have reclaimed essential aspects of myself, along with the courage and devotion to fulfill my divine life purpose. With Ginger’s awareness of all the various realms operating, she has helped me find a much greater perspective of my life and its invitation to heal, learn and grow. Everything comes alive with Ginger as a mentor, and with an ease and flow, she’ll help you see and follow the signs.


When I am seeking soulful counseling, I find Ginger’s insights are clear and meaningful. Time spent with her always proves to be a valuable asset in my life. I would highly recommend a session with Ginger to anyone wanting new guidance on their life’s path.


Ginger’s work connects to and brings into focus those parallel realms we often glimpse, but seldom grasp. My session with her was characterized with an embracing, loving and keenly intuitive openness, with a shared joy for that which was about to be revealed. She opens a portal, through a variety of techniques, comfortably and naturally, which reveals a myriad of delightful synergies of insightful understandings. Glorious!


Having just moved to a new town, I met Ginger, whose inner light put me at ease and transcended the self doubt I was in the grips of.
Her warm inviting nature, generous sense of humor and ability to see into the deepest level of my being was otherworldly. I felt she recognized my potential to do great things, and enforced the energy to drive that potential forward. Her confident and clarifying guidance assisted me in going from unemployed and unsure, to employed and being at the top of my game. I feel I owe my current state of evolution to Ginger’s warmth, wisdom and mentoring.


Ginger, larger than life laughter…
Ginger has an independence that drives her deeper into self soul stages, that very few fear to tread. From those places she listens to you, and offers an insightful exclusive reading, and….guidance, if you’re willing to listen. Being from an extremely private indigenous community, my family welcomed Ginger from the first time we met her. It has to be a very unique, vivacious individual with a humble heart for us to do so. She feasted on the ideas, dreams and ancient future knowledge of our village with that beautiful spirit of hers. She is a powerful independent woman with a secret sacred soul.